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What are public spaces?

It would seem quite a simple thing to define, but has many elements in regard of its use, maintenance, control, and benefit to many who use such.

A basic definition would be a place that is open and accessible to the general public. Roads, public squares, parks, and beaches are typically considered public space. Although it’s not commonly thought of, libraries fall under the range of public space, but requiring continual funding and building maintenance, sets them aside to some degree and not thought of in the same realm.

Public spaces do, understandably, require maintenance, and as such an element of control is given to local council and authority to ensure its safety and continuance for all that wish to use it.

As public space is under such control and protection, council can, and do make it available for commercial events which possibly require payment, but moreover as the protectorate, require certain permissions to allow its use.

How are they managed?

The purview of this question is around urban spaces and city areas and depending on location and use, management can take many forms. From urban areas where commercial use is being sought, council would have systems in place to account for its use and who uses it, such as events and the organizers of such.

For regular known markets with stall holders, there could be a permitting system, used by council and issued through a variety of departments in order to account for its use.

Large city wide events would be dealt with, again, a system, outwith what is normally created for markets as above.

Street performing and busking usually require a permit to perform, but the form this takes and length of time to attain, changes from individual council.

How can we help improve current systems?

As public space is managed by council,using mostly paper based systems, or basic digital allowances, Permits4all have the platform to wholly integrate any existing system used, and ensure that where crossovers occur, manual tasks are automated.

Not every user, from market stall holder, to food truck, to event organizer, or busker, adheres completely to council regulations and any known breach of parameters will be logged and stored, possibly affecting any further use by those who do not comply.Permits4all logs and stores such information to assist council staff in any ongoing dispute, as well as allowing any further applications to be allowed or denied.

Ranger on site can receive live reports on any breach and attend to it easier and quicker. As possible applicants would be aware of this, we feel that it could also assist in negating any such breaches before they occur, thereby maintaining a better experience for the general public at large.


What are the benefits?

There are any, and although this is not a full exposition, it does give some insight as to how many benefits can be had.

  • Application process is automated where manual tasks are at present.
  • Faster response time to any applicant for permit applied for
  • Quicker reporting on any breach of parameters and relevant action taken.

As written above, many benefits are had in using the platform Permits4all has already had in use for government use and can be found on the following pages User Application , Office Dashboard, Mobile Interface.


Is it secure?

We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) as our servers which are inherently secure with the ability to accommodate extra load as and where necessary.

Even though they are secure in of themselves, we also use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption as well as TFA (Two Factor Authentication).

What level of support do you have?

As a growing international company we work over different time zones and have support on hand 24/7 365 days a year.

What happens with captured data?

The only data we capture from our website here is a name and email address, should we have an inquiry from council.

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