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Technology allows more work to be completed in less time with greater results. Dedication from our team to enable and ensure easier workflow for council to better manage public space under their control.


Permits4all was originally conceived as a better method for councils and land owners to manage street entertainers. Our platform was created to host scalable databases for asset management. Our first product has successfully been used to manage water assets using a permits to work system providing fault diagnosis, a recorded history and complete auditing. From this platform we developed a permits system to manage public spaces by local authorities. Whether managing a sporting precinct or a large municipality, Permits4all provides stable control, real-time tracing, management and review of public space use.


Stephen Kelly

From 1993 Stephen has been involved in creating, managing, and actuating systems for Government, councils, and commercial use, for time specific projects...Learn More

Stephen Kelly, Go2Asset
James Hessler

From 1995, James has been an international busking magician and has experienced a myriad of permitting requirements...Learn More

James Hessler, Busktip

Hosted With Strong Security

Secured With SSL On AWS Servers With Two Factor Authorisation

Secure And Accesible

The Permits4all platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and has been since 2008. Using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption and Two Factor Authentication (2FA), our platform provides the strongest security for the high level accessible required by our clients. From the outset our platform has been developed to the most stable, secure and accessible platform for our comfort and our users' confidence.


Easy To Learn And Use

Permits4all provides not only confidence it also is easy to learn and use. By streamlining network operations management and centralising permit access for operations personnel such as administrative assistants, rangers and management. Permits4all provides the right information at the right time. Searching for information is simplified as all records are cloud-based for faster recovery and cross-referenced for better reporting. Whether on a desktop or used remotely on a phone or tablet, Permits4all platform is more responsive than PDF-based systems.


Simple Updates

Finally, our platform has the user in mind for registration and then to quickly select their particular use of public space. Providing a constant registration system allows users to stop wasting their time completing the same forms when revisiting previously used spaces. A simple update of information is all that is required to initiate a request for public space use. That time saving alone will make users happier to use your advanced permits platform for their activity.  Users and staff will also benefit from a simple log-in and look-up to check on the progress of any application.

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A powerful online platform making user application easier, council management quicker, & real time analytics to enhance public use and compliance.

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