Public Space Permits

An Improved Permitting Solution For Public Spaces

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"A powerful online platform making permit application easier, council permit management quicker & providing real-time analytics to enhance public use and compliance"

"We are dedicated to improving existing processes by increasing councils ability to better manage public spaces".

Instant Reports & Real Time Analytics

Data As It Happens

From user application, to office actuation,  and commencement of event, our platform logs all data for use by council to access historical information that can be used to supply an all inclusive service.

Increased Service

For People Using & Council Administrating Public Spaces

More Data Faster

With a fully online platform users information and permit requirements are logged for easier retrieval, that allow council to better implement any penalties due to previous infractions or issues.
Increased compliance within parameters set by council can be implemented easier and logged.

Innovation  Insight  Intelligence

A powerful online platform making user application easier, council management quicker, & real time analytics to enhance public use and compliance.

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